John and Rebecca in front of the church in Turin that holds the Shroud

John Jackson makes Shroud presentation at the Shroud Center



Our educational program is oriented to discussing both scientific and theological issues related to the Shroud (see discussion on scientific and theological research at TSC under the Research Tab). Our program is divided into two (2) distinct offerings:

General Presentations: These are introductory level presentations on the Shroud which are tailor-made for a variety of different groups:

a. Church: Adult / teenage groups

b. Civic: Adult groups

c. Educational: Middle and High School

d. University: Colloquia / Talks

Shroud Seminar: An adult education program designed to be conducted over an intense three (3) day period, or periodically over a longer time interval. Instruction is aimed at providing an intermediate level of understanding of the scientific and religious topics related to the Shroud. The seminar would help support students who wish to give introductory presentations on the Shroud and answer most questions but not necessarily those related to complex scientific details.

Please use our Contact tab to communicate with us regarding these education resources.

John and Rebecca Jackson discuss