A Critical Summary of Observations, Data and Hypotheses       Download

The Critcal Summary includes the key scientific observations from the STURP expedition, from research conducted by our TSC scientific team, as well as important research from other scientists, forensic and historical researchers. The document is designed to be revised over time to include all important new research findings related to the Shroud and to help the reader track those changes through the aid of a Revision Log. The Critical Summary is a copyrighted document but you are given permission to print it for private and for non-profit educational purposes. If you have comments or questions please send them to us by Email here (ShroudFacts@gmail.com).

Shroud Data


Vertical Alignment and Fall-Through Hypothesis


Download     Important new forward for Image Vertical Alignment Paper

Download     Image Vertical Alignment Paper

Download     Important new forward for Fall-Through Hypothesis

Download     Fall-Through Hypothesis

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