John and Rebecca in Lima, Peru at Shroud Conference attended by over 1,500 people


Colorado Springs is the home of a scientific team that has collectively performed in excess of 100 person-years of scientific research on the Shroud of Turin. Dr. John Jackson, a PhD in physics, leads this scientific team. In addition to conducting Shroud research he has taught at the university level for many years. Together with his wife, Rebecca, Dr. Jackson runs the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado. In 1978, when interest in the Shroud was at its height, Dr. Jackson led a 40-person team of international scientists to Turin where they, under the auspices of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), examined the Shroud for nearly a week. No one since that time has secured such full scientific research access to the cloth. Significant amounts of different scientific data were extracted. Dr. Jackson became the primary custodian of this data and, along with his scientific colleagues in Colorado, he has continued the thrust of Shroud research.

John Jackson serves as the director of TSC. Rebecca Jackson who has an MBA in Global Management serves as the associate director. Rebecca Jackson is a longtime convert to Christianity from Orthodox Judaism. She runs the TSC Exhibit Presentation Center and also conducts her own research into the First Century Jewish aspects of the Shroud, a field of scholarship that is of great importance for authenticity.

John and Rebecca Jackson are graduates of the four-year Catholic Biblical School and the two-year Catholic Catechetical School, both respected institutions of the Archdiocese of Denver. John and Rebecca were invested in 2007 into the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and John is also a member of the Knights of Columbus.

John and Rebecca Jackson discuss
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