The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (TSC) is dedicated to continuing its research on the Shroud of Turin and publishing its findings. We are furthermore dedicated to educating the public on all of the important historic, forensic and scientific data concerning the Shroud. Consider the following:






John and Rebecca Jackson discuss

Through our education program, we wish to share the significant fruit of the research at TSC as well as that of Shroud scholars and scientists from throughout the world.

After nearly fifty (50) years of dedicated research by physicist John Jackson and his TSC associates, along with the consideration of an ever greater body of world-wide sourced research results on the Shroud, it is our firm position that the current complex of historic, forensic and scientific knowledge concerning the Shroud justifies the rational judgment that the Shroud once wrapped the body of Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb.

If, as we hold, the Shroud of Turin is the historic burial cloth of Jesus, then it would be not only a relic/icon, but also an archaeological site of where Christianity was born. As such it could offer mankind the possibility of studying scientifically the physical and historical aspects of what happened in the Tomb of Christ, something that should be of supreme interest to both Christians and non-Christians alike.